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#1 Reason For Weak Wireless Mic Signal

Often on shoots, especially drama, you need to hide your transmitters, but often some people have complained about range issues in certain positions. 

This is usually because the body is taking out and blocking the signal being sent. This is also to do with if the antenna of the TX pack is touching the actual skin of the talent. When this happens your radio mic signal range will be impacted.

Lectrosonics SMB Tutorial

This is a really great piece of engineering. Very good range and limiters are the biggest bonuses to the Lectrosonics SMB over other models like the Sennheiser G3 wireless (which i still use) working with the sound devices 664 I think they make a brilliant team. There is also the double battery version which lasts double the amount of time. I have 2 sets of both for different miking requirements.

Why You Need The Best Wireless: G3 Vs Lectrosonics

This is an obvious title in a way, after all of course you need the best of everything right? Well this is a post that explains my previous thoughts about having a set of G3s and then making the big jump to the Lectrosonics. This post is for other people that are weighing up with the decisions of which brand to go for. Now i am obviously talking about Lectrosonics from the Sennheiser G3 wireless.