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Sound Equipment

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What Sound Equipment You Need 

Sound cart Battery Solutions

Sound Equipment Hire 

 Sound Equipment Manuals 

663 vs 664 

 Sound testing Equipment 

7 steps to increase your rechargeable battery life 

Rode boom pole Info 

Best place for 2nd hand equipment 

Industry standard headphones 

Do you want or own a 664? 

Parabolic Reflectors 

AA battery mAh ratings explained 

Balanced Vs Unbalanced Cable 

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Sound And The Brain

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Bone Conduction 

Sound Of Happiness

Simple Audio Illusion 

Brain discrimination and how it affects hearing

Science behind horrid sounds 


Health On Set

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Flexibility and Strength 

Professional and Musician Ear Plugs Explained 


Sound News

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New Harley Davison Sound

NAB 2014 sound products coverage videos 

New Longest ever reverberation created 

Reverse Engineering sound for Psycho 

Big Reveal from sound devices 

Moving levitation with sound waves 

Most Car makers fake the sound of engines 

Regenerating Hearing-hairs could beat deafness 

BVE Expo 2013 

Oldest Known recording unearthed from 1860 

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz – 155th Birthday 


Sound Terminology Help

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When to say echo or reverb 

Volume and amplitude 

MOS film term

List of roles in a sound department 

Sound Jargon Buster 

What is ADR, Dubbing, Looping, Post Sync? 

Difference between Room tone, ambience, wild sound etc.. 


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What is Timecode? 

What types of timecode cables are there? 

TC input for Arri Alexa

Difference between Word Clock and TC 

Different Timecode Modes 

How to timecode jam a RED scarlet 

List of Timecode Connections for cameras 

How to timecode jam an Arri Alexa 

 Solving sync issues with wave agent 


Do you need Timecode Cables to jam Arri Alexa / RED / Sony...


Sound Trivia

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DVD extras about the sound teams 

What’s in Godzilla’s Roar? 

What Does morgan freeman sound like on helium? 

Is there a real laser sound? 

The Most Expensive Mixer 

Oscar Sound Editing And Sound Mixing Categories 

The Best Sound Recorder 

Amazing acoustic architecture 

What can you do with dry ice for sound design? 

Best way to eat popcorn ever 

Why do sound men like you to drink? 

Why do sound men love dead cats? 

Does a ducks quack echo? 

Shooting in heat  

The Famous Wilhelm Scream 

World-a-lies-ing / worldaliesing 


Sound Basics

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Where does sound come from? 

Are sound waves longitudinal? 

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Ultimate list of the speed of sound 

Does sound travel faster than light? 

What does sound mean? 

If sound becomes louder, what properties increase?

What does supersonic mean? 

What does a radio station frequency represent? 

Speed of sound in wood and water 

Sonic Boom 

Ohm law and amps 

Why do sound people say ‘sound rolling’ on set? 

Does Sound Rise? 

Asynchronous Sound in film 

Does Sound Travel In Space?

How does sound travel? 

What is Amplitude? 

What is Frequency? 

Phase and interference 

What are transducers? 

What is refraction?

What is diffraction? 

What is the inverse square law of sound? 

Reverberation time 

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Sound Pressure Level and Decibels 

Sound Propagation and what is sound? 


Animal Sounds

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Cockatiel Sounds 

Fox Sounds 

Zebra Sounds 



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Bit Depth 

Mic Level 

Audio Bandwidth 

Band-Reject Filter 

Band-Pass Filter 


Bi Directional Microphone 


Bass Tip-Up 

Bass Trap 


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Baffled by Baffles? 



Auxiliary (Aux) 

Audio Silence 


Attack Time 

Anti-Aliasing Filter 






Ambient Micing 

Ambient Field 



AES (interface) 



Absorption Coefficient 


Acoustic Echo Chamber 


Automatic Gain Control 


Acoustic Amplifier 




Acceptance angle 

Analog to Digital Converter (A/D) 





Analog (analogue) 

Analog Recording 



Free sound effects

Fluorescent lights 



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Sound Devices 664 Powering Tutorial 

Sound Devices 664 Battery / Powering Tutorial 

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Dismantling a G3 to fix tactile switch 

Soundtrack Pro 3 Volume Automation 

Soundtrack Pro 3 Track Analysis 

Soundtrack Pro 3 Recording 

Soundtrack Pro 3 Lift and Stamp Tool 

Soundtrack Pro 3 Speaker Panning Options 

Soundtrack Pro 3 Channel Select Options 

How to recover damaged files (audio on mac) 

Recover corrupted Audio files (mac) 

Factory Reset Sound Devices 302 

Setting up a 302 to camera 

Drying a windjammer 


Travelling With Gear 

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Lithium Ion Batteries On Planes (regulations) 


Audio Transcription 

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Want to transcribe audio? 

About Audio Transcription 



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Tinnitus treatments in development 

Tinnitus Compensation 

British tinnitus associations research into cures 

Tinnitus Videos 

Tinnitus Medication 

Home remedies 

Tinnitus organisations 

Tinnitus support Groups 

Infographic about tinnitus 

What does tinnitus sound like 

Tinnitus Cures 

Tinnitus Causes 

What is tinnitus? 



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How to become a foley artist 

Foley Artist Salary 

Who Was Jack Foley? 

Where can I learn foley? 

What is Foley? 

The end of modern foley? 



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Boundary Microphone Uses 

Long vs short shotgun microphones 

What is Binaural 3D stereo sound? 

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What is phantom and T Power 

What do mic specs mean? 

Digital Microphones 

Microphone Polar Patterns 

Carbon Microphones 

Dynamic Microphones 

Condenser Microphones 

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Sound Equipment Firmware Updates 

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552 Firmware 1.4 

744t 722 702t 702 firmware 2.67 

788t SSD firmware 3.01 

664 2.0 / 2.01 / 2.02 firmware updates 

664 1.05 firmware update 


Sound Videos 

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UP sound design 

Super 8 Sound Design 

Star Wars EP2 Sound Design 

Unstoppable Sound Design 

Skyfall Sound Design 

Salt Sound Design 

Hurt Locker Sound Design 

The Dark Knight Rises 

Lincoln sound design 

Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Sound Design 

Jurassic Park Sound Design 

King Kong Sound Design 

Lord of the rings sound design 

Australia sound design 

Django Unchained 

Transformers Sound Design 

Wall-E Sound Design 


Sound Interviews

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Randy Thom Interviews 

Glenn T. Morgan Interviews 

Walter Murch Interviews 

Production Sound Mixer Interviews 


Sound Apps

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Flight Radar24 



Freelance Film Advice 

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Where to get film jobs 

I Want A Free Sound Course with 25+ Articles on How to mix and other core knowledge!

Filmschool: should I bother? 

Common Sense career advice 



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Dolby Atmos 

7.1 the new standard 

5.1 surround, Dolby or DTS 


Sound Jokes / Fun

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Batman Memes on set 

Long Takes with Boom Operators Videos 

When my new microphone arrives 

Just after call time  

Can you fix that in post? 

Should we turn off the wind machine? 

Death stare to shut people up 

Phone goes off during a take 

Early Call Times 

When your audio clips 

Boom Shadow on playback 

You’re a successful mixer when 

At the wrap party 

Dropping off sound rushes 

Home Time 

When you hear lunch will be late 

When the new trainee shows up 

When you nail a tough take 

When one department touches another’s stuff 

When you hear lunch has arrived 

When you hear someone next door making noise 

When the camera department says you’re in shot 

How you can tell who the boom op is  

Boom Operator Song Lyrics 

What everyone thinks of boom operators 

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