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Germany isn’t the best place to Uber. Ironically not the biggest taxi app in Germany and instead in the hands of more local cabs.

Uber Alternative Germany

This can be tricky for those of us with gear looking to go from airports without a potential small fortune. Thankfully taxi.eu app is a great Uber Alternative Germany and works great for this with pretty accurate estimates. There is a surcharge for the app of a euro or two if you pay through the app. I guess this is to get the fees down from cards and PayPal.

Get Taxi.eu on IOS

Get Taxi.eu on Android

Sometimes the functionality is a bit rubbish and it was even very slow to prompt me to even pay when I got to my destination.

Let me know how you get on with this Uber Alternative Germany leave a comment below for any other recommendations.

And alternative on the alternative is BlackLane but that’s more aimed at business peeps with shiny mercs.


Matt Price

Matt Price

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