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Canon C700 Audio / TC Help

Audio Input: XLR 3-pin connector x2 , 3.5 mm stereo mini jack (input only) Headphone Output: 3.5 mm stereo mini jack (output only) Timecode Input: BNC jack (input/output) Genlock: BNC jack (input only/also serves as SYNC OUT connector) Canon C700 Audio This article is...

RED DSMC Expanders Explained

This is all about the camera add ons for RED Cameras like the RED Scarlet. There are 2 versions of these DSMC modules, version 1 is just called DSMC and then DSMC2 Expanders. Different cameras and versions of the cameras have different add ons. What RED Cameras Work...

Canon C300 Timecode Settings

Setting the C300 timecode In   mode, the camcorder can generate a time code signal and embed it in your recordings. You can have the camcorder output the time code signal from the HD/SD SDI terminal or TIME CODE terminal (90). In   mode, you can output the time code...

Arri Alexa Mini Fan Settings

Arri Alexa Mini Fan Settings Seeing how loud the fan is in the status section of the home screen: Grey colour indicates it’s about to increase over 20 dBa in noise level. Orange colouring means the fan icon is over 20 dBa. The above section is located at point...

Arri Alexa Mini Audio Settings

 Arri Alexa Mini Audio Settings [button_3 text=”show-me-the-video.png” align=”center” href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx5x5xOh0e0″ new_window=”Y”/] Well we have a new camera player against the RED for Movi, drone...

C300 Audio Help

This article is written as an easy reference to the C300 manual when working with audio in or out of the camera and the C300 timecode functions. Feel free to bookmark and share.

Red Scarlet Audio Help

This is written to help you with audio for the RED scarlet with the V4.0.12 firmware to keep as a handy guide.

Red Scarlet Audio Format: 24 Bit / 48kHz – This is embedded on the R3D file and can be exported from the REDCINE-X into separate audio files.

Canon 550D Magic Lantern Audio (v2.3)

This is a tutorial for being able to send the correct level of audio to the Canon 550D Magic Lantern Audio input via a 3.5mm Jack. There is of course a video at the bottom of this post with my demo but this is all the steps laid out in text form for easier viewing and understanding.