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Arri Alexa Mini Fan Settings

Seeing how loud the fan is in the status section of the home screen:

Grey colour indicates it’s about to increase over 20 dBa in noise level. Orange colouring means the fan icon is over 20 dBa.

Arri Alexa Mini Fan Settings

Arri Alexa Mini Fan Settings

The above section is located at point (14) on the image below:

Arri Alexa Mini Settings

Arri Alexa Mini Settings

Fan mode: Adapts the camera cooling to several shooting situations.

MENU > System > Fan mode

Regular: Creates a balance between fan noise and camera temperature.

Rec low: Increases fan speed during standby to pre-cool the camera. Minimizes fan speed/noise during recording.

Note: Ideal in an environment warmer than 25 °C (77 °F).

Low Noise: Minimises fan noise during both standby and recording.

Note: With data rates above 100 MB/s (due to fps/codec setting), the fan speed automatically increases to prevent CFast 2.0 cards from overheating.

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