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Canon 650D Audio From External Device

This post is all about Canon 650D Audio and how you can use a Sennheiser G3 radio mic set to wirelessly send your mix track to the Canon 650D Audio tracks. This is going to be very useful in post production to sync up the ISO tracks.

This is a more in-depth description than my frantic video tutorial below. Feel free to scroll down and see that first and come back to see if you didn’t get anything.

So here is what was going on connections wise:

664 > Tone Signal > Mic Level Output > XLR Out Left Mix > 3.5mm Jack with Line In Cable > G3 transmitter > G3 receiver > 3.5mm Jack > 3.5mm Jack > Canon 650D Audio Mic Input.

The menu options are adjusted so the tone lines up roughly with -20, you can always play it a bit safe and go between -40 and -12 on the scale which should correspond somewhere around -25 > -28.

My radio mics are still set to the usual settings of -42 sensitivity for the transmitter and 0 AF out for the receiver.

Any questions or comments can be left below. Thanks.


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