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This is all about the camera add ons for RED Cameras like the RED Scarlet. There are 2 versions of these DSMC modules, version 1 is just called DSMC and then DSMC2 Expanders. Different cameras and versions of the cameras have different add ons.

What RED Cameras Work With DSMC Expanders?

  • RED Scarlet (inc Dragon Sensor)
  • RED Epic (inc Dragon Sensor)
  • RED Mysterium X
  • RED Monochrome

Which DSMC Expanders Work With These?

The DSMC Expanders we will discuss are the following:

  • REDCAST Module (Formerly 4K Broadcast Module)
  • Pro I/O Module


This will only work with the RED Epic Dragon / RED Scarlet Dragon and NOT the RED Epic / Scarlet Mysterium X. Needs firmware 5.2.28 or later.

DSMC Expander Pro IO

  1. SDI OUT (75 ohm BNC)
  2. SDI OUT (75 ohm BNC)
  3. SDI OUT (75 ohm BNC)
  4. SDI OUT (75 ohm BNC)
  5. SYNC IN (75 ohm BNC) Genlock and Tri-Level Sync
  6. Timecode In (BNC)

Pro I/O Expander

This is compatible with ALL Red Epic and Scarlet Brains. Need Firmware 3.3.18 or later to run.

Red PRO I/O Expander

  1. Genlock
  2. PGM (HD-SDI Program Video Signal)
  3. Preview (HD-SDI Preview Video Signal)
  4. AES Digital Audio Feed (7pin Lemo connection)
  5. Audio Input 3/4 (3pin XLR connection)
  6. OUT  (balanced Line-Level audio output for 2 channels) (5pin XLR)
  7. TCODE (SMPTE Timecode Signal) (5pin Lemo)
  8. GPiO (General Purpose I/O and Aux Power Output)
  9. PWR (Unregulated Battery Pass-Through Power
  10. AUX (Supports RS232 Port remote for camera control)


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