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Boom Operation Tips For Beginners

by Matt Price on November 19, 2016

Boom Operation Tips

Someone asked me about boom operation regarding boom poles so im going to give you some basic tips on using one, or indeed any.

Opening and Collapsing your pole

They will come completely collapsed and locked but I like to make little gaps in between. This makes its easier to extend out. Extending out from the furthest screw makes the most sense to be able to keep extending the pole from the closest point for you. Collapsing a boom pole you want to collapse from the end closest to you. You always want to have control over the length without having to stand the boom pole up. You want to make sure you are booming perpendicular to the frame line. This means you wont get asked to raise the boom just because part of the pole is in shot. Otherwise your pole will be out but your microphone will be further away than needed.


General boom operation maintenance tip is to not over tighten the pole with screw locking mechanism. Over tightening will eventually break the carbon fibre. Same if you are opening the pole, if you turn more than a quarter of a turn then you have gone too far the wrong way. In terms of cleaning many people use Windex to clean their poles, which is a window cleaner. Make sure your pole is dry before you collapse it back down. Always if you are shooting in the rain have a towel on standby to clear off excess moisture. For daily sound content including more on Boom Operation and sound mixing, head over to my YouTube page and subscribe: and love to read your comments below.

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