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Quick Note About Digital Microphones...

by Matt price on August 19, 2011

Quick Note About Digital Microphones

Digital Microphones start with Analogue microphones which are based on the same concept as our ears, this is the most effective way to actually hear because sound waves have no formula when it comes to multiple sources and are all added together depending on so many different circumstances that it is impossible to hear digitally, unless we get a chip in our brains to convert it some how it is a long long way off....

What are digital microphones?

These beauties like the Schoeps SuperCMIT are really the future. They still are not completely digital for reasons above but have a digital transducer instead of going all the way down analogue cabling to be converted. This allows the signal effectively at source to be effectively set up so then your mixer/recorder can do even more with it in terms of collecting that sweet sweet sound.
However with the SuperCMIT problems have occurred when using its harshest noise reduction filters as digital artefacts come in and so can't be relied on for dialogue.

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