Let's Take This From The Top

Let's Take This From The Top

This is a bit of a strange one. If you are new to me and my soundrolling intics then this post isn't really worth reading (sorry)... I did have over 600 blog posts on here but i've decided to scrap them and start again.

Taking Some Time To Evaluate

My blog started as a way for me to hack my own learning by sharing what I was doing and then get feedback from others. If you put stuff out there everyone will happily tell you what you are doing wrong or stay silent if they didn't know before or occasionally praise you.

This post may come across like one of those "and that's why im leaving.." posts but this is more to put another mark on the mountain I have chosen to climb.

There has been so much good that has come out of this blog so rather than constantly try to spend a million hours updating past articles and stay current I have opted to cut it all and start fresh with the idea you can still find all my videos on youtube anyway that cover loads.

Getting Kicked Out Of Facebook Groups

Akey turning point on this journey was getting kicked out of a facebook group with all the big mixers in it because one of the admins thought all my material for documenting what I was doing was self promotion. This coming from a man rarely offering anything but criticism until other higher profile mixers chipped in.

Now I don't sell courses or charge for any of my material so it seems like offering reviews and opinions is much more valuable than another one of those admins that helps promote a specific company solution over another.

Since then I have been going through a pendulum swaying from "Fuck them" to "Ignore Them" this was mainly because one of the UKs top mixers decided i was also not a good fit for a group even after interviewing him for 2 hours and a half live and helping him share his story and when he brought out his own product also going live and sharing that. I've kept the videos up as a reminder.

It has sadly confirmed to me that on their own mixers one on one are normal people generally, though plenty of horrible reputations are sprinkled about.

Anyway I have since quit these groups now, though I encourage people starting out to seek them out and at least go through the lessons of not asking "the basics" or "things from the manual" because ultimately we are in a weird community that is also full of rivals :)

Thankfully there has never been more work so you don't have to conform to the same pyramid scheme unless you want to get really high in hollywood or TV drama.

Manufacturer Love and Pushback

I have also been very happy with my impact on the industry in more tangible ways by helping tell the world about Tentacle Sync and get key influencers on board that helped get the company funded with a live stream about their new timecode product everyone knows and loves.

I have also been very happy to work with Deity Microphones on helping them build a real brand that starting sound recordists can get on board with and stay with as they bring the entry level equipment more in line with what is expected on professional sets.

Most of my other collaborations have sadly gone on to the heads of marketing for other companies like telling a wind manufacturer that they need a video around their factory and interviews to get to know the people behind the brand which they then went and did themselves.

Another established timecode company I was wanting to get to make professional timecode videos which instead of having any involvement with me (after posting the first basic timecode syncing of an Arri Alexa over 8 years ago) they did it themselves.

It's not like I am going to find fame and fortune in promoting these million pound companies and I realise the sound industry is more insular because if one of them does something then soon everyone else will do the same.

But just like the rest of the world the ones that embrace the new business landscape will survive long after their current clientele.   


Posting videos, podcasts and blogs for such a long time over several years has been key to me building a reputation of approachable and knowledgeable. I will still continue forward on a path of helping the next generations out the best I can and providing resources used around the world.

I even spent thousands of pounds developing apps and have since decided to strip that all back and start again.

In conclusion?

Let's get back to work and you leave comments down below of what you want to see and I'll get one helping make resources to help with that. This is never the end only the beginning. Thank you for everyone that supports my work whether they tell me or not :P

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