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What different recording formats mean for your recordings...

by Matt Price on March 30, 2017

These are what different recording formats on the Sound Devices 688 / 633 and 664. 

The different modes are Wav poly / wav poly (ISO Only) / wav poly (LR Only) / wav poly (X1X2) / MP3 (LR) / MP3 (X1X2) / wav mono / Wav Mono (ISO only). All of these only work if you record enable the relevant tracks.

Wav poly = Records all tracks and mixes that you record enable in 1 file

Wav poly (ISO Only) = This records only the tracks that are record enabled but not any mixes or Aux tracks.

Wav poly (LR Only) = This records just the left and right main mixes and nothing else. 

Wav poly (X1 X2) = This only records the aux tracks called X1 and X2

MP3 (LR) = Records the left and right main mix to a stereo MP3 file

MP3 (X1 X2) = Records Aux 1 / 2 as a stereo MP3 file

Wav Mono = Records all tracks as separate files from each other.

Wav Mono (ISO only) = Records only ISO tracks as separate mono files.


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