What is difference between room tone, ambience, wild sound?

What is difference between room tone, ambience, wild sound?

These definitions vary depending who you are so this is ONLY a guide.

Room Tone: This is the natural sound that a room “makes” from the natural reflections in the room. This is important for being able to patch over areas of sound so make sure you GET IT AFTER THE SCENE and hold your microphones ideally in the exact same locations.

Ambience: This is similar to room tone as it is the natural environment. However what makes it more specific is can be illustrated with an example of a scene in a restaurant where people are in the background, you will want to collect the general ambience (atmos) to again be able to patch over any gaps in post production.

Wild Track: This can be any sound such as an alternate line of dialogue or a specific sound in a space you want to record to use in post.

Buzz Track: This can be any sound that doesn’t need to be recorded in sync and is usually an object such as a fridge in a kitchen that you want to try and take out in post, I personally call everything on set a Wild Track just cause otherwise people get confused.

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