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What Out Of Phase Sounds Like...

by Matt Price on December 26, 2015

Out Of Phase (Phasing)

Below is a little video I shot in Pro Tools and I give you an example of what In Phase and Out Of Phase sounds like. This also ties in with wave interference so I show you the resulting effects of the same clips of me talking "in phase" (aka perfectly matching) versus just a single source.

As a sound recordist I also get phasing sometimes when I accidently mix radios and boom mics together at the same level, this causes phasing and wave interference as the 2 sources receive the same sound at different times. Make sure you only mix in radios or booms with a relationship of 25%-50% the level of the second mic you are also recording on. 

I'll cover this all in more detail if you leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. I WANT INTERACTION and not just consumption :)


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