Wireless Blocks And Bands Explained

Wireless Blocks And Bands Explained

This comes from the confusion I had when first getting to grips with wireless blocks and bands and how they are all broken up.

The Manufacturer and Brand

Each have their own naming for how they have broken up the frequencies into blocks or bands so be sure when asking for frequencies in another country for instance you get the same block or band as your equipment


The range of the frequencies range from the receivers with larger number of frequencies within one block while the transmitters are often much shorter. When checking block and bands make sure if your transmitter and receiver are not on the same frequencies blocks that any others you rent in work within this range.

TV Channels

This is where the blocks and bands come from, bands of frequencies. The TV channels are sometimes sold off for other uses like with the 600MHz sell off for mobile internet.

Freq Block Checker

This is where you can check different manufacturers specs.

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