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Testimonials and recommendations from colleagues to others are how I get 70% of my work. Reputation is very important in this business and takes years to build up. I pride myself of consistently improving in all areas so people know my name is something they can trust.


What Directors Say About Me

“Matt Price is a very capable and professional location sound recordist, with a good collaborative attitude and friendly personality. I would not hesitate to recommend him and look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.” - Gus Alvarez – Director – Short Film Projects

“Matt is not only conscientious and incredibly knowledgeable about his craft, but a joy to work with too.” Will Sheldon – CBBC Friday Download Producer / Director 

“Matt is an exceptionally talented sound man. I couldn’t have chosen a more competent, efficient and reliable sound recordist/ boom operator for my shoot. Matt is an all round nice guy, who is extremely diligent and thorough. My editor has said that she has never seen such thorough and organised sound notes. Matt will definitely be my preferred sound man for future projects. A true delight to work with” - Nichola Wong – Director of Skinship

“I would not hesitate to recommend Matt to anyone, he is a one-man sound solution, who arrives on set geared up to the eyeballs and effortlessly integrates into the fabric of your team. He is sensitive to the needs of actors and of the camera department, and is always happy to discuss, explain or advise on any technical matters. A consummate professional and a consummate human who will be a credit to your crew.”- Oliver William Smith / Director / Cameraman

‘Matt is simply brilliant to work with- always smiling, always in good spirits and gets on with everyone. Plus he’s great at what he does! What more can one want?’ Nour Wazzi - Director, Up On The Roof

We’ve worked with Matt on two projects now, both of which were full length feature films and can honestly say that he has exceeded our expectations on both occasions, The thing with Matt is not only do you get top quality professional sound recording, you also get someone who cares about the overall project and end result just as much as the Director and core team. Matt gets involved on every level. everything he suggests, recommends and brings to the table is always with a view to making things better and is always truly welcome. We can’t say anything but positives about Matt, he’s a true sound recording guru, a great guy and will always be our first port of call for whatever projects we take on. Dominic Tomey – Producer Doorways / My Saviour Feature Films, Breezeblock Productions Ltd

What Crew Say About Me

“Just worked with Matt on a short and found him to be hard-working, good at thinking on his feet and just an outright nice guy to be around!” - Lorenzo Levrini – DOP – Short and Feature Films

“Worked with Matt once and from the first moment it felt like In was working with a friend I’ve known all along. Can’t wait until I’ll be on a set with him again. The friendliness and relaxed attitude he brings to the shoot are only rivaled by his high level of professionalism and commitment to the work.” - Yiannis Manolopoulos – DOP 

“When you see Matthew working you suddenly recognise that he really knows what he’s doing. Always on the spot, and always ready to crack a joke at the right moment.” – Simonluca Fraioli – 1st AC – Red Reflections

“A highly skilled sound recordist who on set creates a great up beat atmosphere whilst delivering a top quality product. He has the latest sound equipment which can deliver great quality. Will definitely be using him again.” Samuel Johnson – Director / Camera – Multiple Corporate and Short Film Projects 

“I have to say it was an absolute joy to have you as a sound recordist on Skinship. Quality of recording is immaculate, very useful wild tracks, great boom placement to capture most intimate detail which will be invaluable throughout the post. Material came to me very well organised and labelled.I am also extremely happy with the reports – very clear and your comments saved me some time trying to figure out what went on. Syncing was done in matter of seconds. All and all, you come across as a person who is creative, professional and values other people’s time- and that’s all I would ever wish for.” - Jeanna Mortimer – Editor

“Matt was a great asset during the shooting of “Lost Generation”. He was a pleasure to work with and provided top quality sound for us, not to mention his great sense of humour and the ability to work with young actors. He also gave input during the shoot for sounds to capture which was vital for us in the sound design. We will definitely get in touch with him for future film projects.” Oliver Coward -Director of Photography & Director / Producer

“Matt was not only a consummate professional in Sound, but also a wonderful team player on a very tight shoot. I highly recommend him for any production!” - Katherine Shannon - 1st AD at Zissou Pictures


What Producers / Production Managers Say About Me

“Matt is a brilliant sound recordist. He is always on top of it, ready to roll, be it a drama or a documentary. He is very reliable, competent and really creative, as it takes a lot of skills but also a lot of creativity to figure out a clever and efficient solution to record sound on an under water shoot, like he did in Thinner Than Water. In 5 Voices he showed a lot of team work on a very hectic shoot. I am really looking forward to working with him again. Highly recommend!” - Zaira Brilhante - 5 Voices, Production Manager

“I had the great chance to work with Matt. No matter how tough the project is, Matt is reliable to deliver the best quality work on time. He is young and dynamic, totally dedicated to his work, a real hard worker! I can’t wait to work with him again. I highly recommend him.”Ebru Karacan – Turkey Production Manager – Unfriend Feature Film

“We hired Matt as the Sound Recordist for a shoot for a feature length documentary. He was punctual and had all the right kit and more. The sound he recorded for us was of an excellent quality, especially considering the circumstance (outside in windy conditions and inside a busy restaurant!). When the Editor received the sound files he was amazed at how well the sound was recorded. I look forward to working with Matt again soon!” - Andrew Fawn Producer and Casting Director – Multiple Feature and Short Film Projects

What Location Sound Students Say About Me

“Matt is a genuinely passionate and gifted sound recordist, and an awesome teacher. Above all, he’s a nice guy and very easy to work with.” – Jamie Touche – Ealing Met Film School

“Matt’s relaxed approach to teaching enabled a comfortable atmosphere within the team that made it easier to learn the basics of using the equipment. The explanations and instructions given were clear and efficient. The practical exercises were engaging and useful as a hands on experience. The atmosphere in the classes was relaxed and organised.” - Bella McCrimmon – Ealing Met Film School

“Matt price is a very helpful teacher, his relaxed attitude makes it easy to really ask delve into the subject and not feel ashamed when there are a few things you don’t understand. He really knows the subject and very helpful. I found it very enjoyable that he teaches hands on with students being able to practice on the kit, rather than only being told the theory.” Antonia Ackermans - Ealing Met Film School

“It was great to have a sound tutor who not only knew his stuff really well, but also knew how to teach it to us. Matt’s a consummate professional through and through, and I’d recommend him to anyone, if you’re a sound professional or completely new to it, there’s always something new to learn from Matt.” Dan Rajan – Ealing Met Film School

Experience Is King

6,000+ hours of on set location recording and over 170 projects have provided me with the necessary knowledge for all filming environments. Click the Icon to see my credits

Industry Leading Gear

Sound Devices 664 mixer recorder / Lectrosonics Wireless and G3s totalling 7 channels and much more gear for any job. Click the icon to see all my gear.

Dual Backup / Format

For Films I can record 2 copies of full poly WAV files instantly to protect against corruption. Where transcription is needed I can record full quality poly wavs on one card and mp3 on the other, no more converting or needing to send large files.

Sound Recordist Credits and Me

The main focus of my work is Film and Corporate / Commercials. These offer a wide range of scope for locations and situations that demand the highest quality and to get it right on the day!

Recent Clients and Projects I have worked with/on: Pepsi World Cup Nigeria Ad, Cornetto (Lilly Allen), Network Rail (RED39), Top Dog (Danny Dyer), Puma, Topman, Burton, Kylie Minogue Into The Blue Press Releases, Helen Mirren BAFTA interview, CBBC Friday Download, Hub Footwear (Vice UK) and many more.

I was recently Scottish BAFTA nominated for a short film I sound recorded called Loyal.

View All Credits 

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Feature Film Credits

Feature Film Credits

View All Credits 

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 2014Production Sound Mixer
Film (Feature)
 My Saviour Breezeblock Productions 
 2014Sound Recordist UK
Film (Feature)
 Utopia World Film Productions 
 2014Boom Operator
Film (Feature)
 Reign Of The General Richwater Films 
 2013Boom Operator
Film (Feature)
 Top Dog Richwater Films 
 2013Production Sound Mixer
Film (Feature)
 The Forbidden Note
Callum Johnson
 Stone Empire Films Ltd 
 2013Boom Operator
Film (Feature)
 Vendetta Richwater Films 
 2013Boom Operator (dailies)
Film (Feature)
 Dreck T Squared FIlms 
 2013Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 The Tenant
Mat Joh
 Mat John 
 2013Boom Op / 2nd Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 He Who Dares Press On Features 
 2013Additional Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 The Perfect Wave
Bruce MacDonald
 The Fabulous Boomtown Boys 
 2012Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
Steven Murphy
 Breeze block Productions 
 2012Boom Operator
Film (Feature)
 The Vintage
Richard Stow
 Independant (Undisclosed) 
 2012Sound Recordist / Boom Op
Film (Feature)
 Devil’s Tower High Rise Movie Ltd 
 2012Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 LeMan (Working Title) Momentum 
 2012Sound Recordist + Sound Design
Film (Feature)
 If It Be Love Independant 
 2011 – 2012Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 The Fiddler Faith drama productions 
credit Location Sound Recordist   Matt Price  2011 – 2012Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
Ali Walker
 B Generation 
credit Location Sound Recordist   Matt Price  2011Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 Modified Event films 
credit Location Sound Recordist   Matt Price  2011Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 Picnic In Gaza PVK Pictures 
credit Location Sound Recordist   Matt Price  2010Sound Recordist
Film (Feature)
 Charlottes Room
Chris Brown
 Leeds Met 
credit Location Sound Recordist   Matt Price  2009Boom Operator
Film (Feature)
 The Spell
Owen Carrey Jones
 Owen Carrey Jones

Lifetime Backup

Have peace of mind that all the sound rushes will be backed up even after the project has finished. No more worrying about those corrupted hard drives anymore.

UK Based

Based in London, Harrogate and Dundee to cater for productions around the UK. Valid Passport for international travel.

End Game Focus

Focusing on collecting as much high quality sound and atmospheres on location saves time, money and sanity in post production.

Client Care

I believe you should still get the best quality sound even if it wasn’t recorded by me. I offer post production cleaning services focused on dialogue cleaning to all clients to help maintain their reputations for outstanding quality.



Sound Recorders / Mixers



Cables & Timecode



  • Apple MacBook Air 13” 2.7GHz i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB Flash Drive (with many External Drives)
  • Medium Boom Pole (0.8m – 3m)
  • Drama Boom Pole (1.5m – 5m)
  • Many C-stands, clamps, tapes and audio grip accessories

Cornetto Campaign #Cupidity

Location Sound

Utopia Feature Film Trailer, Location Sound Recordist.

All My Production Dialogue Untreated.

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