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London Sound Recordist to Supervising Sound Editor

Before you read anything else I want you to consider putting me in charge the direction of the audio for your project. I want to be your point of call for the whole project and be able to facilitate all your needs and ideas into your soundscape.

The Ideal Process for You And Me

I specialise as a location sound recordist and sound mixer to ensure the highest standards of audio for post production. Then for projects I take to post production, I already know the lay of the land and what we wanted to achieve together. I then choose the best freelancers from my team depending on the turnaround and scale of the production to ensure the best final result possible.

Latest TESTAMENT To This Success

A feature film that I worked as both the Sound Recordist and Supervising sound editor got on the long list for the Oscars 2016 this year. We managed to turn around the whole project within 2-3 weeks from start to final mix because of my knowledge of the direction and vision. I was able to explain to my colleagues what was needed without any further explanation from the director until our first pass was complete.

Quick Credits Overview
12 Feature Films
100+ Short Films / Documentaries
150+ Creative Content / Commercials
Over 11,000 hours on locations

Some Corporate Clients: Warner Bros. Universal, Sony Music, Unilever, Cornetto, P&G, Microsoft, BBC, ITV, Sky Sports, FIFA, Natwest, Barclays, Sprint Mobile, Listerine, Paramount, Aston Martin, London Underground, VICE magazine, HUB footwear, Uber, Pepsi, ICAN, Finlandia Vodka, IKEA, Braun, Marks and Spencers, Reckitt Benckiser, Stuff Magazine, Google, Puma, Nike and more.

Some Famous People Recorded: Cameron Diaz, Kylie Minogue, Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, One Direction, Lilly Allen, Spandau Ballet, Russell Kane, Justin Trudeau, Olympic Athletes and more....

Featured Location and Post Sound Showreel Pieces

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