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Utopia Feature Film Trailer, All My Production Dialogue Untreated.

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Not just location sound

My primary focus is on Location Sound Recording. This is the place performances are captured forever and lay the foundations for any sonic vision a director has. It’s my creative mission to extract all the information I can from both script, actors, directors and environments that complement the story. You don’t have a truly emotionally engaging image without sound.

This connection is to the audience is also greatly enhanced with professional dialogue editing and cleaning services which I also offer along with full sound design packages tailored to your budget and needs. Get in contact for more information below.

Get More Information From On Set..

- Detailed sound reports –  all system, scene, slate, take, channel name and notes information generated instantly at the end of a shooting day. Never have your post production team wasting time renaming and finding alternate takes.

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Always Be On Time...

- Instant Syncing – Many of the top end cameras have solid reliable timecode clocks which allows you to sync rushes in just 2 clicks.

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Matt Price Sound

Get More Creative In Post

- Not just a mix – ISO tracks are also recorded for each input used so you can design your final sound from the ground up without just having to take what was mixed on the day.

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Better Decisions On Set...

- No surprises – IEM for the director lets them feel connected to the images and performances in a new way, offering a guide to the final film.

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More Choices In The Edit...

- Wild tracks and room tone that aren’t just a formality – You probably know you should have some but often room tones and wild lines or alternative lines are overlooked in the ever time pressure cooker that is production shooting. Having edited my own sound I can say they offer post production a great deal of flexibility when it comes to creativity and work instead of being stuck with just one delivery.

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sound recordist london

Passionate About Film

I am passionate about film sound with over 160 credits mainly focused on feature film / short film and corporate projects. My diverse portfolio keeps me forever challenged and excited to deliver the highest quality production sound.

I was recently Scottish BAFTA nominated for a short film I sound recorded called Loyal.

Recent Project: Cornetto (Lilly Allen), Network Rail (RED39), Top Dog (Danny Dyer), Puma, Topman, Burton, Kylie Minogue Into The Blue Press Releases, Helen Mirren BAFTA interview, CBBC Friday Download, Hub Footwear (Vice UK) and many more.

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Standard Kit Package Includes:

Sound Devices 664 (12 input / 16 Track mixer/recorder)

2x Radio Mics with Sanken Cos-11s

Sennheiser 416 Shotgun

Scheops CMC5u + MK41 Hypercardiod

Carbon Fibre Boom Pole (0.8m – 5m)

Extra Kit

1x radio mic with Cos-11 microphone

Timecode jamming cables for RED, Alexa, Canon, Sony etc…

Cables for going direct to camera (max of 3 cameras)

Additional boom pole

Good relationships with kit houses if more kit is needed

Will Sheldon Testimonial

“Matt is not only conscientious and incredibly knowledgeable about his craft, but a joy to work with too.” Will Sheldon – CBBC Friday Download Producer / Director 

Gus Alvarez Testimonial

“Matt Price is a very capable and professional location sound recordist, with a good collaborative attitude and friendly personality. I would not hesitate to recommend him and look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.” - Gus Alvarez – Director – Short Film Projects

Andrew Fawn Testimonial

“We hired Matt as the Sound Recordist for a shoot for a feature length documentary. He was punctual and had all the right kit and more. The sound he recorded for us was of an excellent quality, especially considering the circumstance (outside in windy conditions and inside a busy restaurant!). When the Editor received the sound files he was amazed at how well the sound was recorded. I look forward to working with Matt again soon!” - Andrew Fawn Producer and Casting Director – Multiple Feature and Short Film Projects

Lorenzo Levrini Testimonial

“Just worked with Matt on a short and found him to be hard-working, good at thinking on his feet and just an outright nice guy to be around!” - Lorenzo Levrini – DOP – Short and Feature Films

Zaira Brilhante Testimonial

“Matt is a brilliant sound recordist. He is always on top of it, ready to roll, be it a drama or a documentary. He is very reliable, competent and really creative, as it takes a lot of skills but also a lot of creativity to figure out a clever and efficient solution to record sound on an under water shoot, like he did in Thinner Than Water. In 5 Voices he showed a lot of team work on a very hectic shoot. I am really looking forward to working with him again. Highly recommend!” - Zaira Brilhante - 5 Voices, Production Manager

Simonluca Fraioli Testimonial

“When you see Matthew working you suddenly recognise that he really knows what he’s doing. Always on the spot, and always ready to crack a joke at the right moment.” – Simonluca Fraioli – 1st AC – Red Reflections

Ebru Karacan Testimonial

“I had the great chance to work with Matt. No matter how tough the project is, Matt is reliable to deliver the best quality work on time. He is young and dynamic, totally dedicated to his work, a real hard worker! I can’t wait to work with him again. I highly recommend him.”Ebru Karacan – Turkey Production Manager – Unfriend Feature Film

Paul Cotrulia Testimonial

“It was Matt Price’s responsibility to record location sound. He worked very hard to record the best possible sound and went above and beyond his role many times. He did everything he could to help the crew around him and to keep us in good spirits. I remember thinking that he must have limitless energy.” Paul Cotrulia – Director / Producer – Multiple Feature and Short Film Projects 

Samuel Johnson Testimonial

“A highly skilled sound recordist who on set creates a great up beat atmosphere whilst delivering a top quality product. He has the latest sound equipment which can deliver great quality. Will definitely be using him again.” Samuel Johnson – Director / Camera – Multiple Corporate and Short Film Projects 

In Just 48 Hours...

Demo Reels for sound recordists are hard because all production sound has post production processes at some point. This video is an example of my location and post production services in the 2013 48 hour SCIFI London Challenge. You have just 48 hours to script, shoot and edit the short film. All dialogue is used from location and effects where added from my sound library and working on in Pro Tools 11HD.

Competition Final Place: 3rd / 250+ Projects

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