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Matt Price


I am a location sound recordist because in this fast paced world you are only as good as your content. Audio is the emotion and capturing the performances. It is the seamless lines between the endless puzzle pieces of images, usually 25 a second. However I then scale this from the EPK junket interviews with Cameron Diaz up to Feature Films like Utopia which I did the location sound and the post production sound and managed to get it to be the Oscar Nomination for Afghanistan in 2016.


“Visuals are data, Audio is emotion” – Matt Price

No matter what images you are looking at you are always disconnected from emotion until audio is involved. Even the image of each other these letters and words are just nice visuals until you are reading them and talk to yourself as you read out and make a connection to the data.

Nothing is more inspiring and moving than capturing the emotion where it was. Those collection of moments in time where emotion and energy was given for a performance whether a narrative of a hero giving a speech before a war, to something seemingly more mundane like a project I did for Instagram for mental health awareness. Hearing people share their human story and emotion is almost spine tingling.

“Data is cheap, Emotion is timeless” – Matt Price

This focus on emotion and communication from an intellectual level right through to our core. This is why location sound is my main passion because it makes the biggest difference on the day. This can then be taken through to post production where I have had great success capturing the emotion on the day and allowing better continuity of communication.


“Hire for Attitude, Skills can be taught” – Simon Sinek

Just like my passion for location sound I am focused on providing the best attitudes you need on set. Yes if it’s impossible it’s ok, If the plan has to change it’s ok and so on. Spending so much time creating something takes grit and purpose. Having a friendly, co-operative attitude makes being on set a more enjoyable place.

Now of course you don’t want to be teaching me on set. I have completed over 400 projects to make sure this is also covered 🙂

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Some Of My Corporate Clients:

Nike – Puma – Liz Earle – Olay – M&S – Sprint Mobile – Thomson Airlines – Cornetto – Cadburys – British Rugby – Mercedes – Epson – Warner Bros – Paramount – ICAN – CITI Bank – Natwest – Sony Music – Yahoo – SKY Bet – SKY TV – ITV – CBBC – Oddbins – D&AD – Stuff Magazine – The Times – VICE Magazine – O2 Mobile – Morgan Motor Company – Reckitt Benckiser – Dyson – Costa – Listerine – BAFTA – Dove – Optiwell – Greenwich Peninsula – National Rail – Man United Football – Chevrolet – Braun – Wickes – Aston Martin – Virgin Trains – EA Sports FIFA 16 – Oral B  and many more…

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Benedict Cumberbatch – Cameron Diaz – Eddie Izzard – Robbie Williams – Helen Mirren – Kylie Minogue – One Direction –  Natalie Portman – Andy Serkis – Paul Merton – Lewis Hamilton – Keira Knightley

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