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The London Sound Recordist

Welcome to my little place on the web where I showcase my work and educate other sound recordist around the world with my blogs and videos and podcast :).

I have been fortunate enough to complete over 550 projects with over 20 feature films and hundreds of content shoots. 

This has taken me around the world and I've had the chance to learn about everything from quantum mechanics and AI to how the England football team have their hair cut.

Instead of the cookie cutter method of CV and general showreel I take a person approach to really build networks for the long term. 

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Flexible Specialisation

Instead of just throwing 500+ videos of all my projects I thought I would focus you on key demonstrations. Whether recording a president on an international visit to doing the location and post sound on a feature film that was an countries selection of the Oscars I want to demonstrate key values I believe all crews need:

- Trust

- Reliability

- Consistency 

- Attitude 

- Work Ethic

These are important because from what I have seen from many other sound mixers and the industry in general from the most successful. I couldnt invoice over £300,000 without these. Knowledge I would argue is a commodity if you have Google. Experience and attitude are what you really need.

Feature Film Sound (Oscar selection 2016)

Interviewing Presedents

TV Commercials

360 Sound Recording

Binaural Audio Recording

Royal Wedding Coverage Canada

Underwater Sound Recording