Matt Price The Location Sound Mixer

Location Sound Recordist for a range of formats and sizes. With over 700 projects my calm and happy attitude seems welcomed from the classic soundies.

Specailising in Commercial Content / Spatial Audio Recording and unscripted documentaries.

Based in Central London / Sheffield. Charing travel from whichever is closer.

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Feature Films

  • 15+ Years Experience

    With over 700 projects completed from feature length films and docs to presidential visits, royal weddings, underwater and more unique settings.

  • Always Optimistic

    It's a lifestyle not a career. Priding myself on my problem solving nature and always bringing positive vibes.

  • Ready For Pretty Much Anything

    Working from one man band to supervising teams for live events recording and feature films. High profile interviews and more.

Basic Kit List

Recorders/mixers: Sound devices 688+SL6

Transmitters/Receivers: x4 Lectrosonics SMQV / SMB and Receivers

Mics: x6 Sanken COS-11 (different colours) 

Mics: Schoeps SuperCMIT Digital Shotgun, Schoeps CM1 + MK41, SM81s, Rode Reporter Mic..

TimeCode boxes: x2 Ultrasync One, 2x Tentacle Sync, 2x Deity Timecode.

Other: x2 IEMs (wireless listens for director/clients), x3 wireless links to cameras (Sennheiser g3), BETSO antennas, sound blankets, stands, clamps, audio-grip accessories, playback speakers, MacBook Pro Izotopes RX9, etc...

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With lots of projects covering many sectors I thought it might be easier to list them here and then link to a playlist of a variety of content that made it to youtube.

360 Film / Binaural Sound / Presidential Visits / Royal Weddings / Live Music / Spatial Audio / Gaming / Interviews / TV / Feature Film / Short Film / Documentary and more....

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